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When you are buying a house one needs to surround oneself with true professionals, people you can trust and totally rely on. People you can call on at almost any time of day. My wife and I were very fortunate to come across what we consider a rare breed in the real estate world : Franco Ippolito of Re/Max Hallmark Realty Group Franco Ippolito is a totally dedicated, honest, knowledgeable and reliable real estate agent superior to many we have come across during our many real estate transactions throughout the years. What we enjoyed and appreciated about Franco was that he knew this particular house listing very well. He was candid and up front when we bombarded him with concerns and questions we had about the house, guiding us through the process of making an offer which eventually materialized to a mutual satisfaction. My wife and I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Franco Ippolito to anyone wanting to purchase, sell and/or rent a home. Franco Ippolito and ReMax are true champions of professionalism, honesty, flexibility and availability! Together they make an unparalleled team! Jacques and Dr. Susan

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