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We are incredibly grateful to Franco for helping our family with the sale of our home. Having gone through a difficult and unsuccessful experience of trying to sell our home ourselves last Summer (for sale by owner), we were dreading to go through it again. But, we decided that if we are to enlist the help of a professional, we should choose the person who is the best in this field - an agent with the most sales, experience and positive reviews. This person is Franco Ippolito. Franco’s wealth of connections to potential clients, incredible negotiating skills and passion for real estate are just some of the qualities that left my husband and I so impressed. More than that, his eye for detail and esthetics in a home were truly educational for us. We listened to all of his advice and got things done exactly to his recommendations. Our home was sale-ready and proved to be quite a hot commodity with the many offers we had received. Thank you Franco for making this experience for us not just successful but also fun and enjoyable! Milla and Taylor 76 Trump av.

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