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In 2017, Franco assisted our family to buy one house and sell another. We so appreciated his professional support and attention to detail in these real estate transactions that, when it came time to move my parents to a new condo building in May 2020, we knew, without a doubt, that Franco would make the whole process achievable and stress-free. My mother had a stroke in March 2020 and could no longer navigate the sunken living room in the condo she and my father shared for nearly 25 years. Our family had to face moving my parents to a new condo during the Covid-19 pandemic. Franco was undaunted. He and his real estate brokerage implemented health and safety and physical distancing policies seamlessly. With his characteristic positivity, Franco took us to see several condos until we found one that was perfectly suited to my parents’ new requirements. As in my family’s previous experience working with Franco, he was conscientious, patient, diligent and professional. We purchased the new condo in early May 2020, and, within a week, my parents’ previous condo was sold at a higher price than what we had thought possible considering the economic situation caused by the pandemic. Working with Franco we always feel that we are in good hands and that we can trust his approach and his advice. I continue to recommend Franco to friends and family and I always hear positive comments back from everyone who has worked with him. Adrienne Morin

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