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This past fall and winter our family bought a new house and sold our old house. We feel so fortunate that we had Franco’s expertise and support throughout the process; it is thanks to his talent and dedication that everything went so smoothly! This past October we found a detached house we loved in a perfect neighbourhood…but there were already two offers on the home. Franco was undaunted. His approach was perfect: We won the sellers over and they accepted our offer without any further negotiations. We moved into our new house over the holidays and then turned our attention to preparing our old house for sale. Again, Franco’s enthusiasm, acumen, and knowledge of the housing market were indispensable. Franco used social media to create an interest in our home and then listed it at a fair price. This was a winning strategy: We got eight offers all above asking price, and sold the house in less than three days with a short closing date. It was a joy getting to know Franco and working with him. He is personable, thoughtful and clearly loves what he does….and he excels at it! We highly recommend Franco. He shows exceptional commitment to his clients; throughout the process of buying one house and selling another, we always felt that we were in good hands! Adrienne and John

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